Cave Run Lake Trail Guide


 For those who have fully explored the Red River Gorge, Cave Run could potentially be the next best hiking alternative in Kentucky. This  area has more miles of official trail (100) than the Red River Gorge (70) or Mammoth Cave National Park (60). While not quite as scenic or unique as the Red, this area still has much to offer hikers and outdoor lovers. With 600 foot elevation changes, the trails are often as challenging as any in the state and the bird watching is probably superior to the Red and many other popular outdoor areas in Kentucky. The Forest Service has over 400 campsites at Cave Run, so it's a good family-camping area. It's all good except for the fact that . . . .

Horses are permitted to ruin the quality of the trails! I recently checked at the Visitor Center and they informed me that horses are currently allowed on all the good hiking trails, which means that you might find some bad, or very bad, trails. Your tax dollars are at work . . . for equestrians. If, despite this caveat, you still are interested in some new hiking, then you might like my guide. It's getting a little dated, so don't expect perfection. Some trails have been butchered in the interim. (See comments on my "Other" page.)


The Cave Run Lake Trail Guide was published in 2006 and is the only guidebook to trails at Cave Run.